C.G.I – Where its taking us?

The hero is jumping on the roofs of the car following the villain, when suddenly the villain takes a giant leap and goes high enough to climb a building even taller than Burj-Khalifa with just minimum efforts while the hero follows him, and KABOOM- the whole building turns into ash within seconds and the villain flees.

Seems quite unreal? No, it’s in the trends nowadays, with all the films featuring similar action sequences, we all are used to this.

Films nowadays are more concentric towards greater and longer actions scenes than focusing on the plot. But who performs all this larger than life, near death stunts? Stunt man? Any professionals? And what happened to that building, did it really get blasted? No, all these stunts and destructions are performed by computer generated animations commonly and popularly known as CGI (Computer generated Imagery). They are the 3D computer graphical images which run as fast as more than 30 frames per second, to trick the eyes and the brain in believing that something is moving on the screen, where each frame is slightly differently drawn from the previous.

The introduction of CGI in the films was done in early 1970’s with the film Westworld (1973) which goes on the in the world where robots live and work among humans. The sequel, Futureworld (1976), used the 3D wire – frame imagery. And since then there has been no stop to this. From Toy Story (1995) by Pixar to Avatar (2009) to Life of Pi (2012) and so on. Almost all superhero films whether in Hollywood or any other film industry uses CGI technology to make their heroes do all stunts on the screens which appear heroic and extra ordinary and make their villain do all the destructions that seems even worse than horrible.

But is this all good? Let’s get back to see what a film actually is or was meant to be. If you go back into time you’ll see film then was nothing but a recorded play. A plot which was shown on the screen so that everybody can watch it without the actors reciting their dialogues all over again! It was a work of acute precision because it was to be shot only once, and once shot can be played again and again! The films were based on more realistic plots to which a common man can relate his life to. It had plot, it had some of masterpieces of acting, delightful songs and a happy or tragic conclusion, but a conclusion, you don’t have to wait for a year or two waiting for another part of the film to know how the story ended.

You today have some masked hero who says something in his heroic voice to assure us that it is the same person whom we saw without mask, but we all know he isn’t. We all know how it works. And after the introduction of CGI, it’s actually nobody but an image dancing around the screen. Films today lack acting, lack plot and are overly filled with just many KABOOMS.

I don’t know whether it’s for the good of future or bad but these so called sci-fi (science fiction) films have really raised our thinking standards of where science can reach. And its not that I hate these superhero or Sci-Fi movies, no, I love them. But nowadays the film industry is being filled with these types of films and due to the money making potential of these films, producers often prefer them over the realistic and relatable plots which some writers are ready to provide.  

 With advancement in technologies everyday and CGI blockbusters there seems no end to these films, but let’s hope for a future where we do have actors on the screen and not only just images and electronic voices! (and they do have a meaningful plot).


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