The Repo Rope.

Alone in the world I just wanna die,

taking care of my repo, I just wanna hide.

It just started after the exams,

when maybe my brain lost its R.A.M.

The performance which came was just satisfactory,

but my mother told me, it wasn’t the fault of my factory.

 But who tell this to those who were flying high,

in the color of those scores which weren’t too bright.

Reply them back, my friend told me,

“It’ll end soon”, replied I, how foolish of me.

And then they never stopped,

my image by them was regularly tossed,

until I lost all my hope,

of climbing back the Repo rope.


My struggle everyday increased,

and my school repo went on to become debris.

They became cool guys by insulting me,

and I even wasn’t able to match eyes with thee.

It looked like it was never going to end,

making my fun became the new trend.

I didn’t know what to do,

it seemed like prison from seven to two.

Rumors about me just spread around ,

everybody seemed talking abou’ me in the ground.

Fed up of this, I feared whom to tell it,

who can take this in stomach and even fit it.

I found my mother, but was afraid to tell the truth,

of course as I was not known to the taste of fruit.

Mugging up these things I just stayed quiet,

and every time things went above the head, I tried.

But I was way behind to cope,

 they always flicked away my hope,

of climbing back the Repo rope.


But then somebody made entry like comedian,

with his friends there comes the Indian Poseidon.

Frustrated by their activities we formed a self help group,

and slowly we were seen as two armies with distinct troops.


Although at weak end, as we were, we tried hard,

but they use to win the war, before we could even start.

The things went over the head again,

next strategy includes; losses were to be regained.

We, for sure, now need reinforcement,

our repo was totally under their encroachment.

And it was finally found,

it became impossible for them now to bound.

The support was received from above,

and we finally got, what the war was all abou’ .

Now we stand matching eyes with eye,

seeing their faces, as clear as sky.

I now can cope,

with my friend and a new hope,

of climbing back the Repo rope.

*Repo – Reputation

R.A.M – Random Access Memory



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